How to cure fungus on your feet: folk remedies

The fungus in foot: symptoms, causes

The fungus is a disease whose cause is mycotic organisms. Often the infection affects the foot, and then you apply it on your nails. The disease is easy enough to go barefoot where there is already a fungus. Most often, the infection can in public places — the sauna, the shower, in the swimming pool. The moist environment ideal for the reproduction of a dispute. Flakes of skin along with the fungus remain on the floor, on mats . It is also easy to contracting the fungus in the cabin, if the instruments non-sterile.

Symptoms appearance of fungi on the feet

Symptoms appearance of fungi on the feet different, as they depend on the type of infection. However, there are some common signs. We will say more about them. Symptoms the appearance of mushrooms at the foot as:

  • constant itching on the skin, stop, especially in the area between the fingers; bad smell; the change of the color and texture of fingernails and toenails;
  • flaking or thickening of the skin; the appearance of small cracks and sores;
  • the feeling of pain when you walk; the formation of bubbles with the liquid.

The causes of foot fungus different. Among them are:

  • the mechanical injuries of the skin and nails; poor quality shoes;
  • increased sweating;
  • the improper functioning of the immune and endocrine system;
  • the age-related changes (older people are more susceptible to fungal infection, children);
  • some diseases (diabetes, metabolic abnormalities).

In order not to be infected by a fungus, take care of your shoe and observe the rules of hygiene when visiting public places. Regarding the house: it is possible to contract the infection from other family members. In any case, use of foreign things.

How to treat foot fungus folk remedies

Starts to the treatment of foot fungus or for the treatment of nail fungus, as only felt the first symptoms, because in the early stages of get rid of disease is easier.

Discover how to cure the infection at home.


  • Foot bath with potassium permanganate. The potassium permanganate — good disinfection tool. The bath with potassium permanganate will help in reducing the itching and discomfort. Prepare a tool: in 2 litres of lukewarm water dissolve 1 g of potassium permanganate (in granules). The solution should be pale pink. Do the bath for 20 minutes.
  • A footbath with baking soda and tea tree oil. Soda soften up the skin and the nail plate. And tea tree will contribute to the healing of the affected areas. In 3 liters of water, dissolve 3 tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate. Do the bath for 20 minutes. Then dry the feet dry, strokes, hit with a pumice stone or a cheese grater to my legs, lubricate the skin, tea tree oil.
  • The bathroom with the vinegar. The vinegar works well for fungus of the foot, preventing their proliferation. Therefore, the bathroom with this tool will help you to quickly forget the problem. Take table 9-percentage vinegar: it acts in the most efficient way, apples and wine. For the bathroom mix water with the vinegar in the proportions 8:1. Keep your feet in the bath for 20 minutes.
  • The bathroom with the celandine. Properties celandine encrypted in his name. Then the plant will help to cope with the fungus between your toes. To begin, prepare a decoction: 5 tablespoons of chopped herbs celandine pour a liter of boiling water and let sit for an hour. Soak your feet in warm infusion, and hold 15 minutes.
  • Bath with calendula. Plant medicine is well demonstrated in the fight against the fungus, so that the bath with calendula help to destroy the infection.Do this: pour 200 g of dried flowers of calendula liter of boiling water. To insist 30-40 minutes. Then soak your feet in hot broth. The length of the bathroom — 15 minutes. In the fight with the fungus, it is important to do the procedure regularly — every day up to the complete destruction of the infection.

After the drawers dry your feet with a clean towel. Do not forget the shoes regularly to process an antiseptic, otherwise the problem comes back. You have learned, how to get rid of foot fungus with the help of folk medicine.

You should not begin treatment and consult a doctor.