The experience of using Fungonis Gel

Henry from Berlin

Hello, I would like to share their experiences of struggle with the unpleasant disease, such as athlete's foot, and methods of struggle with him. And ' this wonderful tool, as Fungonis Gel. The experience of using Fungonis Gel Enrico from Berlin

Since a child I liked to play football, often for days at a lost with friends in the stadium. And with age has not abandoned his passion. The summer has been hot, feet in the sneakers very sweaty, but I for habit has not paid attention. In the first place, it appeared the itching, I thought that simply smashes the legs. But when I saw how the nails become yellow, the diagnosis was clear and without doctor – fungus.

Decided to heal up the old half – hydrogen peroxide. Burned all the skin on the legs, and the mushroom as it was, and remained. And here I have a neighbor who advised me to order a Gel for the treatment of nail fungus and the legs Fungonis Gel, say, with the mushroom a few years he has suffered, and then to little if not for a week this gel is cured.

I, of course, I did not believe, I read on the internet of this gel. A little how to, import from, a good remedy, only in the pharmacy did not buy him. I had to order on the website of the manufacturer.

Smeared in the first place, not hoping for a result. But already on the first day itch the legs are less. A week later, the itching and the redness are gone. Then check the nails healthy.

What can I say, a great tool, so quick to a recipe of the grandmother is not a cure! Now I watch for the prevention of every day, away from sin. And the most interesting thing, the legs at all ceased to sweat, I stink. In the first place even was.

How to use:

In the sick place of good and around. Better to wear socks again, for not the gel is not consumed and well absorbed. Of course, socks, towels, slippers, it's all junk, and then again to take her also. You can simply boil them, like, but I have reinsured.

No, I don't want to take this infection, but, if you ill – treatment Fungonis Gelwith him the fungus may beat very fast.

Katarzyna from Warsaw

One evening, after swimming, I noticed that I break the skin of the feet, and the edge of the nail yellow. Once ran the doctor has confirmed that it is a fungus. Recommended Fungonis Gelwith his help, made with the fungus in a few days of use.

The experience of using Fungonis A Gel from Warsaw


Put, every day, before going to sleep. After two weeks from the fungus and there is no trace. When my boyfriend, after six months, appeared a mushroom, I already knew that his treatment.

I can recommend Fungonis Gel everyone, who has not spared this disease. And observe with attention the hygiene is very important for healing.