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The initial phase of the fungus of the nails of the hands is a disease characterized by the loss of healthy shine, fragility, change the color and the thickness of the nail plate. Know the symptoms of the disease, the patient will be able to time to contact a specialist. Treatment to stop the disease, and the prevention measures re-development of pathology.

the fungus in the foot

Insidious onychomycosis

One of the infectious diseases, most common of these is onychomycosis, commonly known as nail fungus. The pathology is not only common, but is very crafty, so it needs careful care. Onychomycosis belongs to the category of infectious diseases. Without medical assistance, will acquire a chronic form, with serious consequences. The disease does not appear so, it all depends on the hygiene habits of the man, the characteristics of the profession. Disease are people of different age groups. The fungus most often affects the foot and the nail of the big toe of the foot. The nail plate to hand suffer less. Happens, the infection affects the hands through the non-observance of rules of hygiene during the manicure or infected due to an infection of the feet. There are frequent cases of "family," infection, through the use of general accessories. ! The fungus in hand is not only a medical problem, but aesthetics. With the development of the pathology of the patient arise complex.


trihofitii, fungi of the genus Candida – the main pathogenic agents of infectious disease pathology. In rare cases, it is mold. According to the statistics on the human skin parassitano about 20 varieties of trihofiti. Characteristic of the micro – organisms, spore education, resistance to high and low temperatures, dehydration, antiseptic aqueous solutions. Enter the skin or under the nail plate, the disputes trihofiti grow, to be born again in the micro-organisms. In the form of thin filaments (mycelium) penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin, the nails. Mycelium have formed, the cell wall, which protects the immune system and antibodies, that have started the fight with them. ! The parasites penetrate the blood, apply to the internal organs and systems. Consequently, suffer from the nails, the lymph nodes on the different areas of the body.

The sources of infection

Asymptomatic during the initial phase of the disease – in this deception parasites. The fungus on the fingers of the hands and feet at the beginning of the infection is almost impossible to notice. For the breeding activities of micro-organisms a favourable microclimate is the heat and humidity. It is therefore not surprising that the infection occurs in the public areas (saunas, water parks, swimming pools, gyms, public transport, railway stations). The carrier of the infection leaves behind microscopic flakes of skin and nail on everything (handlebar, shower room, shops, sauna, towels, shoes, floors, sports accessories). Left disputes quickly find a new sacrifice and habitat for growth, reproduction. The first parasites attack people: low immunity; weakened the diseases of the body; broken the psycho-emotional background; lesions of the skin, the nail plate; problems with compliance with the rules of hygiene. The admirers of wooden bathroom also in the area are at risk of infection. Wood is a porous material, to spend his thorough disinfection impossible. The spores of the fungus are considered permanent residents and saunas with natural materials, or places where there are objects of domestic use in wood. ! The sources of infection – warm with high humidity, hygiene products, bedding, properly handled manicure tools, sometimes dishes!

Clinical forms of the disease

Onychomycosis is a disease that requires immediate medical intervention. First define the group of clinical pathology. Clinical forms: Normotroficheskie form. The symptoms manifest themselves slowly. Parasites hit the nail on the inner part. Emphasize small yellow spots, which with time increase, bowl. The hypertrophic form. The infection affects the nail bed and plate. The nail is covered by the cavity, the knobs. Suffer the toes of the feet, the hands. The nail plate is separated from the nail bed. It appears whitish in color. Interesting! The disease tends to manifest the symptoms of different forms.

Manifestations of fungal infection

The infection in the initial phase is manifested with the same symptoms. The first worrying signs of the disease – change the shape, color, plate (causes yellow toenails). How has the disease in its early stages? At the beginning of the fungus affects gradually, as the progression and spread throughout the square. For the place of localization distinguish between the types of pathology:

  • The distal view. Hit the top of the nail.
  • From the side view. The infection develops on the sides, about the skin.
  • Proximal view. Infected the surface of the plate.
  • Proximal view. The defeat about nail cushion.
the treatment for fungus

The most common symptoms the first attack of micro-organisms note just. Jumps to the eye the hue plate, pink color changes a little bright yellow, then becomes grey. The changes occur in the structure, begin to emerge irregularities, bumps. Later streaks appear in the direction of the length of the point, the blur. Detects thickening, sensitivity, tenderness in the site of the lesion. The infection begins to spread on the skin, she blushes and becomes inflamed. Fungus on fingers – this is a problem of women, although in some cases the disease affects men.

Parasites on your hands. Initial symptoms:

  • the loss of shine and tarnish
  • white spots on the nails of the hands
  • as the disease progresses the plate is made of gray or brown
  • flakes of leather on the palm and fingers of the hands
  • underlines the fragility, the strength, the nail crumbles
  • the black stripes on the nails
  • changes of the skin about the defeat, swells, reddens, flakes

. View affected onychomycosis nails in the photo. The symptoms of foot fungus, and your hands have a lot of similarities between them.

The fungus on your toes

The microorganisms in the feet, the symptoms of error:

  • plate partially covered with yellow, spots, blurred
  • soft color, disappear, glitter
  • observes thickening flaking
  • peel the skin between the toes; a little itching between the toes
  • walk give off an unpleasant smell

Treatment in the first phase of development of pathology – an important decision, because the characteristic onychomycosis is in rapid progression. The failure to treat will lead to deform the nail, accumulation of toxins, poisonous, allocated parasites. Once in the blood, toxins that poison the body, disrupts the functioning of the vital organs, the worse the exchange process.

the causative agent of the fungus

Methods to fight off the infection

To cure onychomycosis? The treatment begins with a trip to the doctor, who assigns the steps of the TANK sowing (scraping from the lesions), and other studies. Diagnostic exam will help to determine the type of fungal infection and the sensitivity of the patient to the drug. The initial treatment requires the patient's complete dedication. Because the path toward the full and lasting recovery is necessary, a lot of patience. To avoid the chronic form, it is important to comply with all recommendations of the attending physician.

As a comprehensive treatment, apply to:

  • medicines, moisturizers, nourish the tissues, reducing the body's metabolic processes – the creams, ointments, gels
  • tools warning the development and propagation of the infection – solutions, drops; in the execution of the infection cure pills, injections

At the beginning of the disease, the prescribed treatment medications and steroid medications (lacquers, ointments). You start to feel more activity, the reproduction of the parasites, strengthen the immune system, initiate the regeneration processes.

External medicines:

  • Antifungal drugs– used against the white and yeasts fungi.
  • allylamine funds – are active exclusively against fungi.
  • Cream (the main component of snake fat).
  • Gel.
  • Lacquer.

In order to slow down the fermentation mycelium prescribe medicines in tablets, which exert a fungicidal action.

The list of tablets:

  • Capsule – when the drug does not require the treatment of additional means. Also for the recovery of an aspect of the nail plate use with lacquer or gel.
  • Set against the fungus with chinese herbs – the drug acts instantly using extract of chinese herbs and synthetic incoming connections in the composition of the drug.
  • Capsules – the active protection of the body, normalize the state of the microflora.
  • Drops – thanks to the main component naftifin hydrochloride acts quickly, be immersed in the skin and the creation of a solid protection. The film, made drops, does not allow micro-organisms to penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis.

In the initial phase of the disease to apply the treatment folk remedies. Good fight parasites apple cider vinegar, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, an infusion of strong tea, oil of celandine, pepper spray, salicylic 35% acid. Before using medicines or remedies of folk medicine, it is important to consult with your doctor.



At the end of the treatment of the infection prevention measures are needed.


  • do not use the shoes of someone else, the accessories;
  • shoes only comfortable, made of natural materials;
  • clean socks, change daily;
  • the respect of the rules of hygiene;
  • the care of the nails absolutely clean instrument;
  • the strengthening of the immune system, taking vitamins.


Athlete's foot is a disease from which nobody is immune. Infection can, such as people with low immunity, and completely healthy. So it is very important to surround himself with purity, to monitor the health, hygiene. Of course, such measures will not be able to guarantee absolute safety, but to minimize the chance of contracting pathogens.