Symptoms and treatment of fungus between toes

In summer, excessive sweating and synthetic tight shoes can cause diseases such as fungi. Lacrimal sores will appear between the toes, which can cause discomfort and an unpleasant smell. How to detect and eliminate this disease in time? What preventive measures can help you forget about this disease once and for all?

The main symptoms and forms of the disease

Fungal symptoms between the toes

The interdigital fungus on the feet can be identified by the following signs:

  • In some places, the skin becomes dry, peeling, and cracks appear;
  • Small blisters appear, like allergic reactions, which periodically open and release exudate;
  • Diaper rash appears between the toes and the sides of the feet;
  • Convergence of the upper layer of skin is observed in the lesion;
  • There may be itching, discomfort, and pain.

In order to make an accurate diagnosis, you still need to see a doctor, because the symptoms may be different for different forms of mycosis. The follow-up treatment of interdigital fungus depends on the type of disease:

  1. The form is weak. It is only characterized by increased dryness, peeling and cracking of the skin.
  2. Scaly hyperkeratosis. When the disease is in this form, the upper layers of the skin in the affected area converge, redness and diaper rash appear, which can cause itching and burning. If the big toe becomes infected, a hard yellow callus will form.
  3. Ternary form. Swelling and severe erosion can occur between the toes.
  4. Movement disorders. Areas of seepage appear, forming bubbles with transparent contents. External symptoms are accompanied by very severe itching.

What does fungus look like on toes? The form is mild, it seems that the affected area is dusted with flour. If the disease also affects the nail plate, you will notice thickening and yellowing of the nail, which is more advanced-deformed. In other stages, the skin becomes moist and sores and redness are clearly visible.

Cause of disease

Shoes that are too tight can cause mildew between the toes

In most cases, tight-fitting synthetic shoes can cause athlete's foot.

Fungus between the toes and under the feet does not occur. The most common reasons for its appearance:

  1. diabetes.
  2. Cardiovascular diseases, blood circulation, venous diseases.
  3. decrease in immunity.
  4. Synthetic tights.
  5. Excessive sweating of limbs.
  6. Infection through pedicure tools, sharing towels, and shower mats.

Sometimes trying on a patient’s shoes is enough to get an unpleasant disease. In order to prevent this from happening, please carefully monitor your hygiene, take vitamins, and do not buy shoes in thrift stores.

Which doctor should I go to?

If you find that you have the above symptoms, you should contact a dermatologist or mycologist immediately. After the interview and vision check, the doctor will prescribe the necessary examinations. Without laboratory research, it is impossible to pinpoint the type of fungus that causes this disease. Otherwise, the doctor will not be able to prescribe an adequate treatment plan.

A laboratory study of scraping dead skin allows you to answer the following questions:

  • Is fungus the cause of skin changes?
  • What kind of fungal disease causes this disease?

On average, a detailed study of seeding takes about two weeks. After that, certain topical preparations (gels, ointments) and tablets are prescribed.

Traditional medicine

In order to treat interdigital fungus on the legs, the following are prescribed:

  1. Antifungal ointment
  2. It can relieve inflammation, reduce flaking, and allow the antifungal agent to penetrate deeply under the skin. They form a film that prevents reinfection.

  3. ointment
  4. Thanks to effective active ingredients, fungal spores can be effectively eliminated.

  5. Tablets and capsules
  6. Suppress the development of disease. The active substances passing through the blood enter the keratinous tissue, accumulate and destroy the spores of the fungus in the keratinous tissue. You should not take it without a doctor's prescription because these tablets are individually selected and have a large number of contraindications. For patients with liver disease, such drugs are strictly prohibited.

  7. Local preservatives

Hydrogen peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfur ointment.

The treatment of interdigital fungus on the feet aims to eliminate infections that cause fungal diseases. Choosing the medicine correctly and following all doctors' prescriptions will help prevent the disease from recurring in the future. In this case, a complete course of treatment must be carried out. The duration of the course of treatment may range from one to eight months, depending on the extent of the disease.

Folk remedies

Fungus treatment bath between toes

The foot bath is very helpful.

Using folk remedies for the fungus between the toes will greatly speed up the healing process. Home care involves the use of various body washes and compresses:

  1. Based on celandine.
  2. Celandine is an herb that is often used for skin conditions. The affected area can be lubricated with plant juice. A bath based on this herb will help heal the fungus on the feet. Pour the freshly cut celandine into boiling water, cool to room temperature, and then immerse your feet in the water. After the procedure is complete, you need to let your feet dry naturally, then dry them with a towel, apply an anti-fungal ointment, and then put on clean cotton socks. You need to do this every day before going to bed.

  3. Coffee bath.
  4. Pour five tablespoons of ground coffee into one liter of boiling water. After the mixture has cooled slightly, put your feet down one by one for 30 minutes. Every. Do not dry or rinse feet. This treatment almost immediately relieves the itching and inflammation of the skin between the toes. After a month, the symptoms of the fungus will disappear.

  5. Soda products.
  6. Two tablespoons of soup and grated laundry soap can help soften rough skin and remove fungi. After the operation, use manicure tools to remove the keratinized skin. This operation needs to be done every day because there are fungal spores in the dead skin area. You can prepare this remedy in another way: dilute the baking soda with water to a thin state, and then apply it to the affected area.

  7. Vinegar bath and lotion.
  8. It is useful to add a few tablespoons of vinegar to the water each time you wash your feet. Removing the fungus on the legs will help the lotion contain 9% vinegar, but be prepared for the painful feeling during the operation. However, this remedy is very effective. After 10-15 minutes, remove the compress, apply ointment and put on clean socks.

  9. We use aloe vera juice to remove fungi.
  10. Cut off the leaves of the agave, wrap it in paper, and store it in the refrigerator for a week. Then squeeze the juice in the morning and evening to lubricate the affected area of the skin. It should be used in combination with trays and ointments.

  11. Effective compression.

You can buy a basic lead acetate solution in a pharmacy. For the treatment of fungal diseases, apply this agent on gauze, apply it to the affected area, and wrap it in plastic wrap. The exposure time does not exceed 20 minutes.

Treatment of wet fungus between the toes requires special methods. All operations are performed in several stages:

  • Clean the blisters with hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate solution;
  • Medical bath
  • Use creams or ointments.

In advanced cases, sterile dressings can be used to prevent infection from entering open wounds and prevent the spread of fungal diseases. The use of talcum powder is also shown to dry the affected area.

The treatment of fungus between the toes with folk remedies is only effective when combined with medicine. By relying on unconventional methods, you risk eliminating symptoms without eliminating the root cause of the disease.


To prevent the return of the cured fungus on the skin of the toes, please follow our recommendations:

  1. Use your tools to go to the nail salon. When performing the hardware pedicure process, please ask you to be disinfected.
  2. Do not take other people's towels, shoes, socks.
  3. Purchase a special UV shoe polisher and use it every day.
  4. Pedicure and remove dead skin on time.
  5. Only buy high-quality shoes by size.
  6. Pay close attention to foot hygiene.
  7. Use herbal baths for prevention.

It is also important to strengthen the immune system, take in vitamins, walk in fresh air, and eat enough fruits and vegetables.

The fungus on the toe skin can be treated, but it is a long process and requires the patient to take a responsible attitude and strictly follow all the doctor's prescriptions. Pay full attention to your health and don't let this disease spread!