The prevention and the treatment of nail fungus – effective folk and pharmacy of funds

Anyone familiar with mycosis, knows how many problems take this disease. In the summer there is the possibility to wear sandals while at home, your legs are shyly hidden in the socks. In addition to the aesthetical problems, onychomycosis port physical problems, so it is important to "cure" the disease is still at the beginning.

The list of places where you can be infected by a fungus is infinite, then list the ones where the risk of attach the mushroom top:

Healthy feet and nails
  • At home, when you are using the nail accessories, "the whole family" (a couple of scissors or tweezers at all, for example).
  • In a beauty salon (and the house) during a manicure/pedicure session your nails, etc. if you are not of high quality processing tools.
  • In the swimming pool — when I walk barefoot near the pool or in public showers.
  • In public baths, saunas, gyms.
  • When you are using common towels.
  • When you use a mat for the bathroom "the whole family".
  • When you wear tight or poor-quality shoes.
  • In the wellness CENTRE, fitness-club.
  • When a "swap" of shoes (a girl gives defame another, or guests damage wear slippers someone of the family).
  • With the frequent use of stockings/tights of synthetic fibers.
  • Frequent contact (and then injury the nail plate) with house cleaning.
  • During the intake of oral contraceptives or antibiotics.

The type of treatment that you can prescribe the doctor – the most effective drugs

As soon as you've found the signs of incipient athlete's foot, you need to go to a dermatologist or to the mycologist.

The specialist determines the type of fungus, and, according to the research, assigns the treatment. Usually it is sufficient to the inspection, analysis, a sample of tissue for research, the evaluation of the thickness of the structure/of the nail, determine the type of fungus.

What is the treatment?

  1. In the initial phase , sometimes you just need an antifungal lacquer and the cutting of those portions of the nails that were affected by a fungus.
  2. With local treatment using normal anti-fungal medications (from ointments and plasters mortars, and paints), usually twice a day.
  3. Apply the product on the nails happens only after the treatment of the foot. First — the softening of nail art/skin heat a solution of soda strong and with the help of soap. After the application of the drug indefinitely. Via the new procedures of hygiene.
  4. How many to treat? Depends on the stage of the disease. Speak with the mushroom, as with a runny nose, it does not work. Treat need time — to gather the patience. Usually goes into this process from 2 months to 1 year.
  5. The ineffectiveness of local treatment specialist assigns antifungals total shares (to the inside). But only after spec/survey and in the absence of contraindications. Also they do not combine with other medications/drugs. Contraindications: breast-feeding and, of course, the pregnancy, and also the reception of hormonal contraceptives, diseases of the kidneys/liver.
  6. The related tasks. In the process of treatment will have to manage all the shoes (and socks etc.,) spec/solution, which prescribes the doctor.
  7. At the end of the treatment (i.e., when to grow healthy nails) will be carried out the control analyses. Their result and show you — effective is the treatment or dermatophytes that are still present.

Note: nail fungus — extremely tough, "contagion". Also, behind him is known for high tensile strength anti-fungal medications. Then must necessarily be to cure the disease until the end, otherwise, in the case of repeated treatment, the effect is extremely low.

And, of course, must not be self-medication. All medications — available only on prescription of a specialist!

The 10 best folk remedies from nail fungus

If you suspect that the fungus of the nail, even with treatment by a specialist, it is possible to apply one of the methods of the people. It is not recommended to make his treatment by a doctor — you are likely to aggravate the problem, and then the healing process will indeed be long and exhausting.

So, what kind of tools have come down to us from our grandmothers and great-grandmothers?

  1. Ointment by fungi. Mix the vinegar (1 pt/l, 70%°) + egg + dimethyl phthalate (1 (h/l) + vegetable oil (1 pt/l). The mixture apply on the affected area nail, wrap from the top of the polyethylene, the above put x/b socks. This mask must be worn 4 days.
  2. Regular treatment nails one of the following tools: tincture of propolis, antiseptic tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar.
  3. Foot-bath. For them you can use sea salt (preferably without additives), the infusion of celandine, yarrow, st. john's wort, oak bark, chamomile, calendula, and so After the bath they must be lubricated with the nails in the lemon juice, iodine or apple cider vinegar.
  4. Iodine. The essence of the treatment: apply twice a day for nails that are damaged (within 20 days) to 1-2 drops of iodine. In the case of success of the treatment, go for treatment 1 time every 3 days.
  5. The treatment for fungus garlic
  6. Kombucha. Its infusion to use as wraps. It is enough to dip a piece of gauze, apply a compress and leave for a night under the polyethylene and socks. You can also apply directly to the part of kombucha to the nails, after that you will need to wrap it and leave it for a couple of hours. After — steam the legs, and apply the mixture of apple cider vinegar (1 part), alcohol 96% (2 parts), glycerin (2 parts). Leave it for a night. The course of treatment — 2 weeks.
  7. Garlic, olive oil. Pour the grated garlic in the hot sunflower oil until complete coverage of the garlic. All mix in, tightly closed, and insist 2 days. The essence of the treatment: swab dampened with oil, apply it to an ill-fitting, overlapping bandage, protect it from the top of polyethylene, put on socks and leave overnight. The course is 2 weeks.
  8. The vinegar. Moistened swab in vinegar (9%), we apply the mal to the ground, wrap polyethylene, fix a bandage and leave overnight. In the morning, all repeat.
  9. Soda with the celandine. Drifting the feet in a solution (3 liters of water + 1 pt/l of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), rub the foot, lubricates the sick areas together with your fingers the butter, the celandine (look in the pharmacy). The course is 2 weeks.
  10. Birch tar. Drifting of the foot with the laundry/soap (about 20 minutes), clean the foot with a pumice stone, nail cutters, dry clean feet and lubricates the nail with the fingers of beech tar. Put the legs in a newspaper of 1.5 hours and reading a book. Via remove excess tar with a blindfold on, we x/b socks and forget to walk for a couple of days. According to them after my foot once again with laundry soap and lukewarm water. In the evening, repeat the procedure. The course is 2 weeks.
  11. Kalanchoe. Treatment: painted nails glue with the help of patches on the leaves of kalanchoe so, to cover their together with holes. Patches with the leaves changing every day. The course of 2-3 weeks.

The application of the methods of the people — only after a consultation with a specialist!!!

Preventive measures for nail fungus – how to defend yourself from adversity?

Protect yourself from the mushroom may be simple respect for the rules of hygiene, and timely prevention programs.


  • In all public places (beaches, desk, dressing room, swimming pool, wellness centers and so on) don easily washable slippers. Do not walk barefoot in there, where there is the risk of contracting an infection!
  • We are not wearing the shoes of someone else (including slippers away — it is for the best in socks).
  • We do not use foreign and towels for nails set.
  • Exit the bathroom, put a foot not in the common (and often wet, this is not the first freshness) the mat, and his own towel (first to choose his under this purpose).
  • Nail fungus
  • Regularly inspect the feet and nails to look for signs of mold. At the minimum the symptoms (appeared cracks/itching between the fingers, it changed the color of the nails, etc.,) to take the measures. That is, we acquire ointments, special paint/etc
  • We try not to use a tight, narrow shoes and shoes of poor quality materials.
  • Regularly treat shoes inside preservatives.
  • For the legs, not perspiring, using deodorants, talcum powder, etc
  • We only use the x/b socks. If necessary, the use of tights/stockings (products of nylon and other synthetic fabrics) - home them removed, drifting legs, treat.
  • In the heat of wearing open shoes for ventilation and free air exchange. Sweaty feet, which are a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Do not measure shoes stores without tip — barefoot.
  • Dry clean feet after bathing, including the spaces between your fingers — this is where it starts the fungus.
  • We don't allow cracks on the feet — we use moisturizers.
  • The legs of my anti-bacterial soap.
  • At high risk of infection (for example, on holiday or in the pool) we apply antifungal cream, powder or aerosol.
  • Thoroughly dry the shoes, if it is wet. Do not wear wet shoes/boots.
  • We only select proven salons for treatments and pedicure/manicure.
  • We do not allow ingrown and deformation of the nails — to act in a timely manner.

It is not so difficult. It is sufficient respect for the personal hygiene — and you are protected by a mushroom.

Adequate diagnosis and treatment of disease are possible only under the supervision of the good faith of the doctor. If you experience symptoms of anxiety for nail fungus see a specialist!