Review low-cost, but effective means for the treatment of nail fungus

After learning about the cost of drug therapy for nail fungus, people are shocked. Rest assured, usually the cost of treatment can be reduced to 2, 3 and even 10 times! The producers of expensive medicines to the advantage of finding cheaper alternatives you are finding false information. We offer a comprehensive and structured overview of the most economic means fungus of the nail.

Sredstva from mushrooms

What caused low price

  • The absence of costs for the invention of the original formula or active substance.
  • The lack of margins for the brand.
  • The lack of mark-up for the tribute. Many drugs economic of the national production.
  • The lack of unnecessary components.

Disadvantages of drugs cheap

  • Less than additional substances: antiseptic, anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers, etc.
  • Often low-cost medicines are used active agents of the latest generation.
  • Less confidence in the quality of some of the drugs.

The local media

The funds have an impact on the nail, they are called local ointments, creams, gels, solutions, drops, lacquer, and spray. Apply to the full recovery of the nail.

When they are effective:

  • In the initial phase of onychomycosis.
  • If the fungus infected up to three nails of the toes or brushes.
  • With contraindications to the use of systemic drugs.
  • In childhood and adolescence, when the nail plate grow faster.

The advantages of local media:

The local media
  • Minimum contraindications.
  • Safe for the body.
  • Less tablets and capsules.


  • Ineffective during the execution phase of onychomycosis.


As is well known, the mushrooms do not move an acid environment that they die and do not reproduce. Therefore, the drugs-based fat in an effective manner.

The best quality representative - solution of boric acid. Also boric acid is sold in powder form, which are raised in 70% alcohol. The acid concentration will always be desired — the rest falls in the sediment (removed).

The more you focus on tools on the basis of the synthetic anti-fungal components which are harmful to the creation of the fungal cells. Because of this, the pathogenic organisms die and do not reproduce. These tools act against the dermatophytes, yeasts and fungi.

Ointments and creams

Anti-fungal ointment that are assigned in the combined treatment of onychomycosis, for the prevention and therapy of skin mycosis.

The advantages of ointments:

  • A lot of low-cost and offers.
  • A variety of active substances in the low price segment.


  • A long application process.
  • Process nails twice a day.
  • Less effective in the therapy of onychomycosis, paints and solvents.
  • Dirty clothes.


Transparent lucky. Apply from one to seven times a week and their active substances consume the fungus for all the time.

The best form of local drugs for onychomycosis.

The advantages of coatings:

  • Keep effect antifungal.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Compatible with toiletries paint to mask the defect.


  • The high price.
  • A narrow range.

Solutions and drops

Solutions second after the coatings effectiveness against nail fungus between the drugs. This form of funds faster and deeper ointments absorbed into the nail.


Lucky mushroom
  • Cheaper, but not much worse paint.
  • Together with the nail, it is possible to manage the infected skin.


  • Necessarily the day to day application.
  • We have to wait until the nail is dry.


Anti-fungal sprays are not suitable for the treatment of onychomycosis, but successfully applied in the prevention. Also the spray to treat shoes for disinfection during the treatment of the disease.

Tablets and capsules

Medications taken orally, entering the blood and are delivered with the flow of blood to the nail. There you accumulate, destroying the fungus. Sold only on the prescription of the doctor. Cause strong side effects, before taking you have handed over the analysis and see the doctor.

The therapy system lasts longer local (from 6 months), as well as the time required for the active substances accumulated in the right amount. But, as practice shows, is more effective in difficult and execution of the cases of onychomycosis.

Drugs work in a similar way to the night, destroying the cells of fungi. Act on dermatophytes, yeasts and fungi.

Tools for the removal of the nail

Drugs with urea — a substance that softens the nail, after that you can remove it easily. Need 2-3 applications. You can only delete contaminated by nail fungus. Nail removed not only drugs ways.

Total recommendations

  • Consult your doctor, to define the type of fungus and the stage of the disease. This will give the possibility to take the medicine with active ingredient that acts on a certain type of pathogen.
  • If the fungus is not in an advanced stage, it begins with local products.
  • If there is no effect, select the tool with another active ingredient.
  • Test medicinal lucky.
  • In more severe cases, ask your doctor to prescribe combined therapy (local and systemic medications at the same time).
  • Replacing the instrument on the cheap, to pay attention to the contraindications in the instructions. Do not be lazy to do the analysis.

Understand the differences in pharmacy antifungals help material on how to treat nail fungus. Lovers of traditional medicine can try to treat the first form of onychomycosis with the help of folk remedies. For a full understanding of the topic compare drugs at low cost with the most effective methods of treatment of nail fungus.