The treatment of nail fungus in the execution of the form

Ignoring the initial symptoms of nail fungus, sooner or later, the man begins to search for the answer to the question — if treated in the execution stage onychomycosis? Unfortunately, many patients are turning to the doctor with obvious signs of disease, when the outside defects you combine physical pain and unbearable itching. In this case you expect a long difficult treatment, a term not always guaranteed a positive result. Plate detached from his couch, as well as the space under it is full of fungi and other pathogens. Also affected and the skin around the places in the body flakes, red and swollen, gradually spreads the infection on them.

the fungus

The treatment of nail fungus racing forms of folk remedies

The recipes are not the conventional therapy are able to access a global solution to the problem, but not applied as an independent method. The use of herbs and natural products helps to accelerate the healing process.

Efficiency have the following tools:

  • vinegar nail fungus. Perhaps the most popular option to fight with onychomycosis. There are many ways to use the product, in folk medicine, but the most effective considered lotions based on it. Mix in a clean container of 2 tablespoons of vinegar — apple, or table, 2 tablespoons vodka and 1 tablespoon of glycerin. The finished dough to apply for a 15-minute pre-steam plate of the nail using a cotton ball soaked. At the end of the time wrap will vary, again, again for a quarter of an hour, repeating the manipulation of 4 times. Treatment acetic acid lotion may be accompanied by unpleasant sensations, but to worry about for this reason, it is not necessary. The discomfort will gradually take place. The therapy should continue until the regrowth healthy plate.
  • iodine when a nail fungus. This tool is well-known disinfectant, anti-microbial and healing — all these criteria are necessary in the struggle with onychomycosis. Alcoholic solution of iodine is applied to the pre-prepared the nail 2 times a day. Maybe in the beginning the treatment will be accompanied by burning and the strengthening of itching, but worry serves no unpleasant sensation to indicate that the drug works. The duration of therapy should not exceed 21 days because of the risk of side effects.
  • the mushroom of the nail
  • hydrogen peroxide fungal nail. And this is an inexpensive tool, which is present in any pharmacy, can be used by long-onychomycosis in the form of an integrated approach. It sanitizes the processed fabric, and saturating the oxygen, prevents the normal operation of the pathogens of the disease. To get rid of the malocclusions, it is necessary to steam the foot in hot water and remove nail excessive stratum corneum. Then apply to the houses of the infection piece of cotton fabric thoroughly soaked in 3% hydrogen peroxide, and secure it with a bandage. After an hour take off the blindfold. Packs with hydrogen peroxide, you should run twice a day until healing.In addition, the drug can be used according to the method of professor Neumyvakina. The doctor insists on the fact that the peroxide admission in collaboration with external procedures can get rid of onychomycosis without a prescription pills anti-fungal and gels. The instrument applies to the regime, most of which you can learn from the many videos on the internet.
  • copper sulfate from fungus of the nail. Apparently, this product is used in the field of agriculture and not for the treatment of people, but the reviews say that it is successful, you will reorder the good with the fungus at any stage of their development. Of this tool, you can make an effective ointment for the treatment suffering from nail fungus. For its preparation heat a frying pan to dry 1 spoon of copper sulphate before changing the color must be white. Then the powder mixed in equal parts with the goose fat and doctor gray, the product is placed in a jar of sterile and subsequently stored in the refrigerator. Ointment to apply every day strictly on outbreaks of onychomycosis, without affecting the surrounding areas of the skin. Changes learned a lot from this are visible after a week.
  • the garlic when a nail fungus. This plant is known fungicide and disinfecting properties. Being a natural antibiotic, helps to destroy the pathogens of onychomycosis in any degree of the pathological process. Based on this you can prepare a good treatment cream. A few cloves of garlic with the help of newspapers and mixed with an equal amount of butter. The medication stored in the refrigerator. The cream is applied on the soil nail pillow, suffering from an infection, a couple of times a day. After a month of malocclusion disappears.
  • garlic cream
  • oil of fir from nail fungus. The drug has antioxidant and antiseptic. Treat their onychomycosis in the race module, it is possible to condition the system to solve problems. Moisten a wad of cotton wool fir oil and attach to the pre-steamed manicure plates for 30 minutes, staring from the top with a bandage. Then remove the blindfold and give it to the fabrics to dry naturally. The treatment spend every day until the disappearance of the signs of the disease.
  • celandine by nail fungus. There are a lot of recipes of this plant medicine, but also a very effective is a tincture made from it. Its preparation is not difficult. Dry, or access to grass that has just been harvested herb celandine pour the alcohol in a ratio of 2:1. Insist the future remedy in a dark place for 12 days. When the medication is ready, it is filtered and they begin to develop their nails, hit by an infection, using not more than 5 drops on a plate. The recommended treatment is 2 weeks. We must remember that the evaluation tool, in order deliberately to increase the dose should not be.
  • tea tree oil to nail fungus. This medication is used in two ways — the bath and rubbing. In the first case, the esters are added in hot water — 20 drops in 1 litre hand or foot down in the liquid for 20 minutes. In the second case, a part of tea tree oil, is introduced in any two of oil (olive, vegetable, and so on), and obtained is applied on the affected nails. In both cases, the treatment is of not less than a month. The procedures can be combined with one another.
  • the ammonia from nail fungus. Effective folk remedy from onychomycosis is a lotion of ammonia, and glycerin. The components are mixed in equal amounts and the reflections in the glass bottle. The nail plate, and also the skin around them and the spaces between the fingers, spread the mixture in the morning and evening. Also ammonia in addition to the foot trays of calculation 3 tablespoons in 1 liter of water.
  • Latin therapy
  • soda nail fungus. Sodium bicarbonate, perhaps, the most economical and simple option of home treatment onychomycosis. The substance softens the nail plate, promotes the peeling, relieve the symptoms of malocclusion and preparation of tissues to the action of drugs. Sodium bicarbonate makes the foot trays and pasta dishes, which is applied in the form of applications to affected nails. Because relapses during systemic administration for onychomycosis is a frequent event, continue the treatment until regrowth healthy of the nail plate.

Laser therapy

The need for removal of the nail occurs if the other options in the therapeutic effects were inefficient. More recently, all were used in the surgeries, which were conducted in outpatient settings and were painful, but now you have replaced the laser. A method that is absolutely safe, as well as during the procedure it is only the destruction of these cells, the healthy tissues are not affected and do not suffer from. The processing of the data in the most efficient way, and signs of improvement in the state of the nail, it is possible to note already after the first session. For the full course of laser therapy, when diagnosed with systemic administration for onychomycosis is needed is a series of procedures — usually about four. During their specialist will eliminate layers affected the nail plate. Treatment with this method does not exclude the application of external medicines with antimycotic effect and the development of procedures for preventive. The plate with the help of laser to clean not only partially, but in full, if the infection process has reached the deeper layers of the nail and the nerve endings, and the treatment of local antifungal does not bring improvements.

Of drugs, the reception pattern

In dermatology recently applied the concept of "pulse-therapy". According to this method, the drugs from mushroom of the nail are used in short courses with long pauses. Thanks to this, it is possible to exclude the development of adverse reactions in the body, but also to accumulate in the affected tissue plate of a sufficient number of medicinal components that, despite the break in treatment, continue to exercise the necessary action. The schema therapy onychomycosis depends on the symptoms of the disease and its severity. During the execution of the malocclusions it should be:

tincture of celandine
  • the oral administration of assignment antifungal — tablets or capsules;
  • the application of antifungal ointments, creams and glazes and externally;
  • methods of treatment of traditional medicine;
  • remove the nail plate in the event of its destruction.


Launched the nail fungus is not possible to cure without medicines, designed for use on the inside, i.e., tablets and capsules. Enters in the digestive tract of man, are easily absorbed into the bloodstream, providing a powerful antifungal effect on the body.


Local antifungals also the demand in the centuries-old struggle fungal infections. Their applied directly on the outbreaks of diseases, following the advice of the instructions, 2 times a day until complete healing. There are popular ointment with a fungicidal and fungistatic effect.

Anti-fungal lucky

Are assigned for the local treatment of nail art, affected by an infection. The paint penetrates deep into the cavity of the nail plate, through the cracks and pores, increasing the effectiveness of the therapy. The film, made immediately after the application of the drug, warns the supply of oxygen to the attacks of fungi, by depriving them of her breathing. In addition, the fabric is protected from the effects of external environmental factors. Before treating the nail bed, infected, onychomycosis, healing, crissy, their surface is degreased with the help of the alcohol solution or hydrogen peroxide, while the peeling fabric processed in advance of disinfected nail file.

The factors promoting the rapid healing

For how effective the tool is selected from onychomycosis, is a better show, if before applying it to carry out a pre-preparation of elaborate areas. For this you need to:

  • making a bowl by 3 liters of hot water, 50 g of chopped soap and 3 tablespoons of baking soda;
  • cut the hands or foot in the solution for 15 minutes;
  • steam nails, cut along the edge with scissors, to remove fragments of special pliers or a pumice stone;
  • rinse once again, the limbs and dry.
weakened immune system

These manipulations are spending each time before applying the medication in outbreaks of infection. Thanks to their active components more easy and successful to penetrate the deeper layers of the nail, which form the most pronounced therapeutic effect. During the execution systemic administration for onychomycosis is trays play a positive role in the support, i.e. have a large value. In addition, you must strictly observe the rules of hygiene, to exclude the possibility of samsarajade and recurrence of infection. With this purpose, the patient is advised to change every day hosiery, boil for them during washing, use disposable items for the treatment of nails, periodically disinfected shoes. Also, attention to proper nutrition. For example, if the disease in human beings caused the candidiasis in the nails, the case is assigned to a special diet, which bans sweets, white bread, yeast.

Launched nail fungus in children, in pregnancy, lactation and elderly

Onychomycosis affects not only the adult population but also children and the elderly, pregnant women and lactating women. Unstable the immune system and the inability to apply a wide range of medications that seriously complicates the treatment of nail fungus in these patients.

  • children and the elderly. The experts are trying to avoid assigning system antifungals. Especially the children are selected on the external medicines and pills and capsules only in case of extreme necessity of the individual with the calculation of the dosage based on the weight and age of the child. These restrictions concern, and patients age.
  • future and breastfeeding mothers. Antifungal agents are assigned under close supervision of the doctor. In this period, the experts are trying to limit the constraints of event — local antifungal, and recipes of traditional medicine, help to stop the growth and propagation of pathogens onychomycosis. But if it is a form of execution of the pathological process, the woman awarded system and external medications taking into account the period of pregnancy and the possible risk to the fetus.

Prevention that is running the onychomycosis

Prevention the age-old a fungal infection is based on timely treatment in the hospital — to do this you must, at the first sign of a pathological process. The respect of all the recommendations by the doctor and ensures quick healing and the recovery of a aspect plate. For the nails remained in good health, it is important to monitor the cleaning socks and shoes, not walking barefoot in public places, apply talcum powder or special deodorants with the increase of the sweating stop. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the instrumentation, which offers a master's degree in salons, before manicure and pedicure. Ideally, it is best to have their personal objects. Every day you should wash your feet with soap.