Anti-fungal medications for the nails of the hands and feet, skin, cheap, but effective

The fungal infection can become a real plague, which will bring a lot of inconvenience, especially in an aesthetic way. But the way out is, as always, a modern pharmaceutical industry offers a large number of anti-fungal medications.

the mushroom of the nail

The fungus is a very unpleasant disease, which can be overcome, and adults, and children of any age. We try to understand where which tools will help you to deal with it.

By nail fungus of the feet, which is better?

Fungal diseases meet very often. Virtually every 4 people infected with this disease, often without even being aware of it.

Usually, to overcome the fungal infections do not inflict serious damage to human health, but in race form occurs, the poisoning of the body of toxic substances.

This can cause a weakening of the immune system and lead to other negative consequences.

Quite common is the defeat of a foot fungus. Also, the nails and the skin becomes unsightly views, and the treatment of the disease requires a lot of costs of time, forces and means. But to run the disease, is in no case possible, otherwise it will spread to other areas of the body.

Determine the course of treatment, the doctor needs, so as to get rid of fungus you need to:

  • determine the type of causative agent of the disease
  • the area and can hit the nail and stop
  • the condition of the skin

Modern pharmacology offers a wide range of means to combat the fungus in the foot.Usually it is given the course of the treatment, which includes:

  • taking medication antifungal character
  • the use of drugs local action
  • antibiotics, if it is united with a bacterial infection

In the initial phase of the disease may help folk remedies:

  • celandine
  • garlic
  • iodine
fungus on the nails

In cases of slight defeat an infection that is often recommended:

  • ointment
  • suspension
  • creams
  • lucky
  • drops

After 10-14 days of treatment, the instrument must change, as well as mushrooms tend to develop resistance to the drugs.

During the execution of the form of the disease, the doctor may prescribe anti-fungal spectrum.

In some cases, the nail plate or a part of it, you need to remove the conservative or surgically.

The best treatment is the integrated approach, which includes the simultaneous reception of tablets, and external funds. But self-medication is not necessary. Find out on the nails signs of defeat by a fungus, immediately consult a doctor.

Anti-fungal medications for nails of hands

Our hands, in some cases, they may be susceptible to infection by fungi. The infection occurs in two stages:

  • begins the itching of the palms of the hands
  • it appears the surface of the skin
  • the defeat goes on the nails in the form of spots
  • perhaps the inflammation of the seat cushion

The treatment is given after the identification of the pathogen and its sensitivity to drugs. Medication antifungal spectrum may be:

general (system) action – showing with medium and heavy initial stages of the disease and are prescribed only by your doctor:

  • azole.
  • allylamines.
  • polyenes.

local action – apply with minor injury of the nail plate. Are available in the form of:

the treatment for fungus
  • spray – more effective as a prevention tool
  • the solution to penetrate deep into the plate, and contribute to the high concentration of medicinal substances
  • cream – not only for treating, but also to soften the skin around the plate
  • lacquer – this is only in the early stages of the disease

The treatment of nail fungus of the hands requires patience, because it occupies no less than 2 months.

Remember that the observance of rules of personal hygiene together with a strong immunity, reduce the risk of infection by the fungus.

Modern pharmacology offers a wide choice of drugs for the treatment of fungal infections. Which remedy is more effective?

However, please note that the treatment of the disease should only be prescribed by a doctor. And autonomous choice of medicines may be not only ineffective, but also dangerous for your health. The best the same means from nail fungus in the foot, according to the experts, is the prevention of the disease:

  • observe the rules of hygiene
  • do not use foreign things
  • do not wear a narrow shoe
  • with the increased sweating of the feet, use spray special
  • in a beauty salon to make sure that the devices were disinfected

Anti-fungal drugs during pregnancy and lactation

Often the drugs have some side effects. Then the woman during the pregnancy or breast-feeding should be attentive to the choice of drugs, not to harm the child.

Important: the Majority of physicians are inclined to believe that in this period of pregnancy for the treatment of fungal infections best is not exceptional, as the disease is not life-threatening, and the risk to the child from drugs is too great.

However, in some cases, doctors recommend treatment with drugs for local action:

  • paints
  • ointments
  • creams

You can also use the traditional methods of treatment of the fungus. Every day lubricate the affected areas:

the mushroom in hand
  • birch tar
  • a mixture consisting of honey, eucalyptus oil, and vinegar
  • tea tree oil
  • jelly garlic
  • iodine

Effective use of the premises of bathrooms:

  • with the addition of vinegar and potassium permanganate
  • baking soda and soap
  • decoction of oak bark, calendula, and horsetail

Before using any tool, check with your doctor. Necessarily You must strictly comply with the hygiene and perform the following operations:

  • before feeding the child wash hands with soap and water (economic or tar)
  • the time to do the pedicures and manicures, removing the affected areas of the nail

Anti-fungal medications for nail art for children

If You have discovered that your child has a change of colour or shape of the nail plate, do not postpone the visit to a dermatologist. In time the treatment has started – the guarantee that the disease will not become more heavy phase.

Usually, for the treatment of fungus in the kids are given the drugs for local use:

  • anti-fungal ointment with bifonazole and clotrimazole
  • paints and plasters with the content ciclopiroxolamine
  • drops loceryl
  • baths with the use of decoctions of herbs (calendula flowers, bark of oak)
  • applications from a piece of stem of kalanchoe affected by the fungus in the nails

In addition, during the treatment of a child pass a complete disinfection of his things:

  • shoes
  • toys
  • the dishes
  • linen
  • clothing
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Do not let the disease of his crumbs to the case to prevent the further spreading throughout the body.

Antifungal nail Polish

Antifungal medicines in the form of coatings applied only in the early stages of the development of the disease or in presence of contraindications to the inside to take the drugs. These drugs have a number of advantages:

  • well to soften the nail plate, which favours the penetration of medicinal substances in high concentration
  • penetrate even in the small cracks of the nail plate
  • once dry prevents oxygen to the fungus

Apply the paint you need each day, or 2-3 times a week, according to the instructions. We list a number of general recommendations of how to use this tool:

  • well steam nails, struck by a fungus
  • dry with a blow
  • remove the affected areas of the fabric using a nail file
  • clean the surface of the nail with any means of fro
  • apply the glaze
  • before a subsequent application of paint buckets to remove
  • treatment should continue until you regrow new healthy nail

Ointment and cream nail fungus of the feet

In the treatment of nail fungus are used in creams and ointments outdoor activities. The advantages of the use of these drugs is to:

treatment traditional methods
  • provide the highest concentration of medication to the affected area
  • the hydration and the mitigation of the skin around the nail

Creams antifungal are divided into different groups depending on the active components:

  • asalouye – they have a very wide range of actions, have the effect of fungicide
  • allylamine – also effective in the fight against fungal infections. After the end of the treatment, the concentration of the drug some time is saved, thus reducing the figure of recurrence

The choice of medication depends on the type of pathogens and determined by a doctor. Ointments and creams, as well as other drugs for local action, are assigned to when it is not in the execution stages of defeat by a fungus, and during the full treatment.

The principle of the use of drugs:

  • steam feet in soap–soda water
  • apply on the affected nails special patch otslaivayutsya action
  • remove the greatest possible amount of browser nail
  • dry off your feet
  • apply an ointment or cream

Remember, some types of ointments are not recommended for use during pregnancy and children. Before applying make sure to read the instructions.

Pills antifungal for nails

An effective treatment against nail fungus is oral pills anti-fungal called antifungals. The use of these tools ensures the liberation from a bad disease in almost 100% of cases. But take them, without the advice of a doctor, is in no case possible, the course of treatment the expert appointed.

the fungus in children

The mode of intake of drugs may be different:

  • the daily consumption in the space of a few months
  • "the therapy pulse", during which after a week of taking medication should be a three-week break

Depending on the chemical composition and the spectrum of action of antifungal drugs are divided into different groups:

  • polyenes – have the highest degree of activity
  • azoles – are assigned in the treatment of the mucous membranes, the fibrous parts of the body, herpes
  • allylamine – indicated with the dermatomykozah
  • other groups – has limited the scope of application, is given in severe forms, of the disease

During the antifungal treatment tablets it is very important not to break the pattern of reception, the doctor assigned. As well as the non-use of drugs, or their passage can lead to relapse.

Remember that some drugs may have contraindications and side effects. Then, read the instructions carefully. Maybe You need to assign drugs to prevent toxicity.

Cheap drugs anti-fungal for nails

Often anti-fungal medication prescribed by a doctor, are available for a price that is not for everyone. However, the treatment you need to make. We suggest you, how to get rid of this nasty disease, like the fungus of the nail, not spending a lot of money.

lucky against the fungus

Among the oral drugs, struggling with an infection inside, you may notice medications with substance Fluconazol, which with its low cost is a very effective means.

In the early stages of the disease can help traditional funds for their non-inferior efficacy specialist:

  • iodine
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • the potassium permanganate solution
  • fukortsin
  • powder of boric acid

These drugs, it is necessary to lubricate the sick nails every day morning and evening. To soften and remove hit of the horny layer, instead of the expensive medications you can use nogteva.

Well, in these cases it helps and steaming feet in the water–soapy water. As you can see, the treatment may be available. The choice is yours.

The ammonia from nail fungus

One of the most inexpensive, but effective methods to combat this unsightly phenomenon, such as nail fungus, is the solution of ammonia or of ammonia. On its application in medicine has long been known, and that helps to get rid of mold, not all of you know. But this is a powerful antiseptic.

Use ammonia in antifungal therapy is possible in different ways:

ointments against the fungus
  • how to wrap (make a solution of ammonium chloride and water at a ratio of 1:10, moisten a wad of cotton or a bandage and apply it on the affected area on the nail. Roll up the film, leave it for a night)
  • baths for the feet or hands to 3 parts water, 1 part ammonia and 1 part hydrogen peroxide
  • the treatment of the nail plate with a solution of ammonia, vodka, glycerin and water

However, please note that the solution of ammonia for the treatment of nail fungus is only a tool. The therapy is not a substitute.