How to quickly treat nail fungus in feet

Fungal diseases stop (athlete's foot) and toenails (onychomycosis) expresses the person a lot of problems. More than unpleasant, a disease destructive acts on the human immune system. How to quickly treat nail fungus on feet home remedies popular, it is necessary to know at all, because the doctor therapeutic techniques do not always give a positive effect.

how to treat nail fungus

What is nail fungus

Onychomycosis refers to infectious diseases. The first sign of a fungus – slight variation in color of the nail plate. Instead of healthy nails pale pink color, the man begins to grow opaque, yellow. This fungus affects the big toes, but if not treated quickly ruin the nail plate. Because the patient's nail becomes pasty, which is constantly breaks down and crumbles. The falling particles are a source of infection, and onychomycosis of the people who surround us.

How to treat nail fungus in feet

As evidenced by the medical practice to cure them quickly toenail fungus, it is necessary for the problem to be addressed globally. For an effective healing is necessary to apply anti-fungal medications, which clean the causative agent of the infectious disease. Because the fungus spreads spores, which persist in the sprout area of the nail a long time inactive, you must make sure to obtain their destruction.

With the growth of the nail disputes activated, causing an infectious process, then the therapy anti-fungal medications, usually of long duration. The modern techniques for the treatment of onychomycosis are:

  • the intake of drugs against the fungus systemic action;
  • treatment the affected nail plate and surrounding tissues local means (lotions, lacquers, gels);
  • taking medications to improve in the peripheral tissues of the limbs movement;
  • courses in physiotherapy, aimed at improving the flow of blood in the legs;
  • folk remedies, useful to treat the infection.

Anti-fungal medications

How to quickly treat nail fungus in feet, you need to know, because not always there is the possibility of consulting a doctor. The therapy involves the use of antifungal drugs in and the drugs that are applied directly to the damaged nail. Ointments, gels, varnishes against the fungus contribute to the destruction of fungal infection of the nail platinum, thus eliminating the risk of re-infection and spread of onychomycosis. Application of the local system and the antifungal therapy is considered a must, the rest of the treatment is optional.

the nail fungus in the foot ointment

Anti-fungal ointment

When the first symptoms of the disease to fight with fungus on the nails of the feet help the ointment. The main purpose of the use of local produce and – destroy shapes and yeasts that are found on the surface of the nail plate.


Treatment nails of the feet systemic drugs product multiple anti-fungal medications. Pills help quickly treat the infection, stop of reproduction of the fungal cells, which leads them to death.


An effective therapy fungal defeat nail platinum plays special paints. The advantage of this antifungal funds is high efficiency, because he, unlike thick lotions, the faster it penetrates to the inside of the nail plate, destroying the spores of the fungus. The only disadvantage of medium – to-high price.


Anti-fungal and creamy and means external from ointments have a lighter consistency. Less creams against fungi – relatively low efficiency, regardless of the composition.

The treatment of nail fungus at home

There is a lot of recipes that help fight the fungus on the nails in the house. Many use the soap to cure them quickly the fungus, in fact, in its composition contains substances which have an emollient action, against inflammation, against bacteria. To remove onychomycosis, you need each day to manage the affected by an infection in the nails, the sponge, that the pre-well grate the soap. The exposure time of 15 minutes. To soften the nails, the platinum this time is sufficient. After the infected nails and the skin layers more cut.


An effective remedy against onychomycosis – tea tree oil. It contains a substance, provide anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. The most effective way for the treatment – hot baths for the legs. For this basin, it is necessary to pour the water (45-50 degrees), add 20 drops of tea tree oil, put a foot in ankles and steam for 15 minutes. Then dry and, using scissors, and file, remove concerned with the fate of the nail plate. Treatments the day before to get rid of the fungus.

Folk remedies from nail fungus of the feet

Grandmother's recipes down to our own times came a huge amount. The most effective treatment of nail fungus folk remedies:

  1. Tincture of celandine. To do this, you need the fresh plant to wash, dry, pour alcohol or vodka in a ratio of 1:2. Dye is ready for use after 2 weeks. Use it for baths, wraps, elaborate shoes.
  2. The solution of propolis. Sold in pharmacy. It helps cure also launched a mushroom. It is advisable to apply on a cotton pad, apply to the nail wounded during the night, then from top to wear warm socks. The components of the dye will contribute to a better penetration of propolis to the nail, exerting an anti-inflammatory effect.
nail fungus on the feet of the iodine


Struggle with onychomycosis actually takes place with the tincture of iodine. Its action against infectious agents is based on the coagulation of their proteins, which leads to the destruction of cells of pathogenic microorganisms. The easiest way to apply a drop of iodine (tinctures) per day on the affected area. If judging from the reviews of the people, the fungus disappears very quickly. Prior nail platinum iodine are carried out through out the day.

According to the professionals involved in the treatment of onychomycosis, one of the most effective methods to get rid of the disease is the use of garlic. Can be worn both in mono, and at the same time with other substances. Application spicy vegetables:

  • every day to manage the affected area the juice of garlic;
  • overlap the night on the infected place the garlic to a pulp, tie the bandages, and to seal up the plaster;
  • every day to therapeutic wraps from a mixture of: 1 grated garlic clove,1 teaspoon of salt.


High effectiveness in the treatment of onychomycosis have vinegar baths. Essence creates within the nail plate acid environment that pathogens can not reproduce and grow. Thanks to this kind of attacks you can quickly get rid of them. At the first appearance of symptoms of infection, it is necessary to pour in a bowl of warm water (50 degrees), add home apple cider vinegar of calculation 3 tablespoons of essence to 1 litre of water. Take the bath every day for 15 minutes. Before the procedure, you have to eliminate the lime throughout the stratum corneum.

Hydrogen peroxide

Dermatologists recommend in the treatment of onychomycosis using hydrogen peroxide. However, before applying it is necessary to steam feet in a solution of sodium bicarbonate (for 1 liter of water 1 teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). After a wad of cotton (dimensions of the plate) thoroughly soak with hydrogen peroxide and attach to the altered phase. The healing will be faster, if in addition to this procedure a couple of drops of the medicine to drain fluid in the cavity of the nail 2-3 times/day.

That treat cure nail fungus in the foot

In addition to the above methods, treat, cure onychomycosis will help kombucha. Before applying the foot has to steam, dry. Fungus in advance, separates a thin layer, which, in about an hour ago to pee in the water. After a cut piece and applied it to the night to the infected nail. In the morning the wrap is removed, the dead parts are cut, and the finger is washed with a solution of manganese. Another effective way – application fir oil. Soak in it cotton wool, to keep you on the nail plate for 40 minutes, after which the buffer you want to remove, and legs clean.

Surgical technique

The removal of the nail – the most painful way to get rid of onychomycosis. Even if the operation is always fast and effective live, but after there are risks of complications in the form of linfadenite chronic, abscess finger, osteomyelitis. The first nail treat with antiseptic, and then impose a series and local anesthesia. The nail plate is removed with the aid of surgical instrument. Free bed deleted from the ruined tissues, which is treated with iodine and close the bandage with cream antiseptic.

the surgical treatment

The laser treatment

How you can quickly cure the nail fungus in the foot, if the drugs do not help – the question people ask a doctor after a couple of weeks antifungal medical therapy. There is a quick and effective method to get rid of onychomycosis is with the use of laser equipment. Bring the fungus helps the penetration of the infrared spectrum the depth of the nail plate. In this case, the use of anesthesia is not necessary, since the procedure is painless. The removal process hit the nail is not complicated:

  • the day before the procedure, uses steam the legs, to cut off the contaminated surface of the nail plate;
  • before starting the therapy to the patient to wear protective eyewear;
  • the finger is treated with a special gel;
  • place the laser cleaning, after the gel is removed;
  • when you log on to drivers, one specialist may experience complications such as scars and burns in the area of impact of the laser devices.